Schwinn - Defective Bicycle

Jacksonville, Florida 2 comments

I purchased a Schwinn bike for my son in Jan 2008. The bike started to have problems after the first 3 weeks. The chain would continually come off the rear wheel. Finnally It completely pulled into the rear wheel, broke two spokes and destroyed the rear derailer. I took the bike to Target with receipt within the 90 day window for repair. It is now almost mid May and the bike has not been repaired. I have called and or went by the store inquiring on the status of the repair. The store manager as well as every conversation on the phone has provided the same answer, parts are on order and we will call you once the bike has been repaired.

If I ever receive the bike and it is been repaired I will go pick up the bike and have no intentions to ever step foot in a Target store again.

What a terrible example of how products are sold and service to the consumer.

Thanks for nothing TARGET!!


Columbus, Michigan, United States #21076

You get what you pay for.Target isn't a bike shop.

They are a mass merch retailer.

You want a quality bike, go to a local bike shop.Your safety is at risk on the road when you buy a cheap bike.

to DTRASATTI Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #699571

Absolutely, buying cheap bikes from any mass-retailer can be a huge mistake.Higher-end stores such as ***'s or REI will give slightly better results, but ONLY if they have a bike-tech who knows what they are doing.

Don't buy a Schwinn..

Schwinn is not the brand you may have grown up with, the went bankrupt in 1997 and again in 2003, and are now owned by a mass-merc company.Of course they didn't fix it, they can't, you called their bluff on that one.

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